• AfriConnect operate a service in Namwala, as a demonstration of broadband use in a more rural setting, and we are rolling out to more such areas. Our iHealth website offers local health information and we are geared for developmental communication through our CSR programme.


  • AfriConnect promote the purchase of low-cost micro-financed computers to encourage more Zambians to get online. These can be purchased through our internet cafes.


  • AfriConnect operates internet cafe's in most major towns of operation. Come for a taste of broadband speeds or access for learning or business.

  • Use our SMS services to deliver information via the web to mobile phones anywhere in Zambia. We also have menu-driven services, information delivery (push or pull), request lines and bulk SMS services among our offerings.


  • AfriConnect's WIFI hotspot service operates at hundreds of public locations around Zambia. It also operates inconjunction with the Pay As You Go to provide your romaing facilities when you are away form home or the office.


  • AfriConnect's flagship internet connectivity provider. Wireless delivery of broadband in 20 towns around Zambia, with fibre to the door in major locations. Corporate services are all at fixed cost for unlimited usage. For other clients we offer fixed price or pay-as-you-go options.


    Pay As you Go

  • Welcome to AfriConnect Zambia

    Delivering high speed internet and information access across Zambia.

    We help Zambia stay connected through wireless broadband internet, SMS and web content delivery, networking, and VSATs, as well as pioneering development projects in schools and rural areas.

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    AfriConnect Zambia
    a member of the Vodacom Group
    providing more than just internet

Call: + 260 211 232 005 | Visit: AfriConnect, BancABC House, Church Road, Lusaka, Zambia | Email: info@iconnect.zm